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Travel Packing Guru for Into the Mystic: Morocco

To all those joining our gypsy caravan Into the Mystic on March 19, check out this post from Katie O’Neill from Mushmina. She just returned from a visit to Morocco and is sharing her wisdom from many years of travel to this beautiful part of the world.intothemystic 000079


What to bring on a travel adventure to Morocco?! Having just packed for another visit myself to the mystical lands of vast landscape and endless adventure, there are a few key pieces I’d suggest that can be transformative while traveling…


A great scarf!!

A beautiful wide lightweight scarf can offer coverage, security and vibrant color to any outfit! It’s a quick fix to be both culturally and weather appropriate while packing light. Heather and I travel to the “Bab” (gateway) of the Sahara to hand pick the most stunning cotton fabrics called Melhafa or Shibka. These textiles are traditionally dyed by women in Mauritania, North Africa, and are wrapped like a Sari around the whole body to sheild themselves from the Saharan sun. *fun fact-indigo is a natural sun block! We then employ women in Morocco to have cut these one of a kind textiles into a¬†manageable size to be worn as a shawl, scarf, sarong etc. A must have for any sunny vacation.

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Layers offer an opportunity to create several looks from a few key pieces.¬† A long tank top, a loose tunic or dress, fun leggings and a light jacket or vest are the best way to play with print and color. Go for tonal and add a bright pop with an accessory or scarf!…or go wild with one bright piece and work your color story around it. Whatever the case, pick 3-4 items you could potentially wear everyday if need be and find a few supporting items that offer versatility. Most importantly be playful but BE YOURSELF! You want to be comfortable and look fantastic when you travel but don’t try on styles that are not usually YOU! Leave room in your luggage and wardrobe for those wild pieces you’ll find along your adventures that speak to your soul. Those are the pieces you’ll treasure when you return. Accessories are my favorite thing to purchase while traveling and are a great way to support the local craftsman/women of that country. They also very often tell stories of the history and traditions of the region. You can never have too many accessories:)

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Finally, DO bring a great travel bag!

You can find some of our custom designs here…http://www.mushmina.com/collections/handbags


Thanks, Katie! Follow us on Instagram @alunaadventures to experience the journey. #intothemysticretreat

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