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When signing up for a yoga retreat I did not know what to expect.  While I had been practicing yoga regularly for at least four years at that point, I wasn’t sure whether this trip was going to be incredibly serious and all about yoga postures and building flexibility and strength. I was more than a little bit concerned that I would not have the fun I was looking for.  Let me tell you that I was incredibly wrong.  This trip was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  


Lake Atitlan is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, and Isla Verde was an incredible place to stay. The common spaces were all just perfect, plenty of places on the site to get lost and hideout by yourself or with your loved one, but also plenty of places to sit and enjoy each others company. The group of people that was attracted to an event led by Meg and Meghan was such a fun-loving, funny, and energetic group that it made my wife and I wanted to be with everybody all the time. The energy of the entire week was incredibly special due in large part to the intentions set by the Megs and the energy they brought to the yoga classes and special events. I am adventure seeker and fully planned on trying to scuba dive and paraglide while there, but when it came down to it, I chose to join the group to attend some of these special sessions because of the camaraderie that was built by that point, and I couldn’t be happier that I did.  


When leaving the retreat a day early to get back to a wedding in Philadelphia for very dear friends, my wife and I were almost in tears, because we left this place and, more importantly, the people, all behind at one time. It was incredibly difficult to walk away from, but the reason that any tears that were shed were of joy rather than of sadness, was because of what I got to take with me. I got to take the spirituality and kindness and pure joy of these experiences with me and bring that back home, which made the wedding we went to that night and the next six months of cold winter back in Philadelphia so much more special. When is the next opportunity to do something amazing for myself like this? I hope to join Meg and Meghan for these types of trips many times again!      

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Keith G.

My trip with the Megs to Guatemala was in every way incredible. I really enjoyed the progression of yoga throughout the week. I came home with new understanding of how to be a clear channel to receive, transform, and give energy back to the universe. This journey to our stronger inner and outer connection was deeply reverent and also very joyful. Our group very quickly became a unit, a community, and we opened up to one another on an honest, spiritual level. I loved yin yoga in the evenings before dinner. After so much activity in the exciting natural world of Guatemala, we found our inner space and peace during yin and reconnected with the space we created during morning yoga. The trip was perfectly organized, giving it a feeling of looseness and complete connectedness. I would absolutely recommend going anywhere the Megs lead you. I feel rejuvenated, enlightened, happy, and fulfilled. Endless gratitude to them and all involved.

Chrissie L.