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Where do I begin? Aluna Adventures is a magical experience to be treasured in your heart and soul for a lifetime. There is not a day that goes by that I am not reminded of the beauty, self-development, and soul expanding experiences I have been given during my Aluna journeys. I had met Meghan Dwyer thru a yoga studio I frequent; I had never met Meg T. previously but felt an instant friendship with her upon meeting.


So far with Aluna, I have attended multiple Full Moon hikes/ceremonies, a trip to Colombia “Yoga in the Heart of the World” Retreat and most recently the Inner Sanctuary Retreat to Western Maryland. . .each and every experience was just AWESOME! When on the retreats I felt things were well organized – there was always an event or adventure planned that you could join or if you wanted alone time that was fully welcomed and supported as well. The food and accommodations were always delish, cozy and surroundings beautiful; practicing yoga immersed in Nature added an element to my practice and meditation that I wasn’t fully plugged into prior to these experiences.


The Megs are a dynamic duo, they shine light on your heart and help you come to a place of peace within….not to mention, I always share some pretty good laughs with the both of them & they give the best hugs! 😉 I truly recommend Aluna to anyone seeking curiosity, magic and “more” …more soul, more light, more meaning to life’s journey.

Shannon D.

I was the crazy mom that decided that the Aluna Adventures trip “Into the Mystic” to Morocco would be a trip of a life time to share with my 15 y.o. son. And we were not disappointed!


The trip was an amazing adventure to a country filled with warm, welcoming people. The richness of the colors, sounds, and tastes surrounded us every day. The Megs engaged with each traveler to ensure their comfort and instill community within the group. Adding in the practice of yoga everyday was an added bonus.


The best part of the trip was that my son and I got to connect in a way that I thought was lost when his father passed away. This trip helped us bond on a deeper level in a land of beauty, enchantment, and of course mint tea.

Kelly R.

I’ve now done two trips with Aluna Adventures and am quick and confident when I say both trips were AMAZING! When signing up for Guatemala I had no idea what to expect, I had never been on a yoga retreat. Well, I got so much more than I ever imagined possible and much more than I paid for! If you’re looking for a retreat that involves housekeeping leaving fluffy white towels on your bed after a boring day this is not the company for you!!! While there is ample time to connect with self during quiet moments of refection rest assured they live up to their name–ADVENTURE! They are truly gifted when it comes to jam packing a day full of fun and unique adventures that are sure to make you feel more like a local than a tourist but also let you dig deep within self and leave the retreats feeling totally invigorated.  


I knew Megan Dwyer through overlapping yoga circles but had never exchanged more than a few words with her and knew nothing about Meg T. but somehow, within a matter of hours, I felt totally safe with them as my leaders. Both times I traveled as a single woman alone but had the utmost confidence they had my back–which they always did! In Guatemala I was pretty timid and scared of just about everything (the boat taxi was really jarring for me–no joke!) but I never felt judged or pressured by The Meg’s, they simply met me where I was at emotionally and offered unwavering support. Six months later we were driving in the dunes of the Sahara dessert and I was all but hanging out the window screaming YAHOOOOO! when suddenly felt so full circle. I knew if I got scared they had my back but until then I could be as free as I wanted. This security allowed me to grow both on and off my mat.  


The two a day yoga classes are seamlessly integrated into the trip. The teachers pull from what’s happening and adapt the classes beautifully. It’s never felt like I was “going to class” while on the trips but rather that they were just the next part of the adventure. I will also add that the food and accommodations have always been beautiful! They are seasoned adventurers, amazing teachers and such beautiful women. I’d proudly follow them anywhere and anxiously await my third retreat!      

AA Guatemala 2015 0516
Casey R.

Traveling and practicing yoga with Aluna Adventures awakened something in me. It tapped into a place that was buried under the layers of self denials and lack of attention to my needs. My heart had been shot down for so long and was screaming to be let out. I have always known that living a complacent but unfulfilled life wasn’t for me. Since I am not a materialistic person (oh maybe a little….as we all like the finer things in life) I could never find happiness in newly acquired possessions. At some point I realized that I will not find the solution anywhere else but inside myself. That’s the place where all the answers live, isn’t it?  


My unsated curiosity about life and unbounded desires to learn more led me to yoga. I truly believe it has not been a coincidence, as I am certain that everything in life happens for a reason. So, I found yoga at age 50. It was so hard, my body did not want to conform to newly found exercises. I kept telling myself (or that pesky voice inside me did) that I am too old for this. But, the other wiser part of me kept the fire going. I need to mention here that Meg T., my yoga teacher, played an instrumental part in that progress. Meg’s compassion and encouragement did not allow for letting myself down.  


To make the long story short, I wanted to express my gratitude to the Megs. You both shined a new light on my life through my travels with Aluna Adventures. Although, I know that my journey has not ended and there is no particular goal to achieve, it put me on a path of self discovery. I know I am heading to a better place where my heart wants to live. I wish for Aluna Adventures to keep growing and flourishing as a very successful company. I will be honored to be included and joining many more adventures.      

AA Guatemala 2015 0564
Shelly J.