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Benessere (beˈnɛssere) means, “well-being” or “comfort” and renaissance means, “a renewal of life and vigor”. Join us in Italy to renew well-being and become more established in your Self.


Italian culture is based on an absolutely strong work ethic. In fact, “How’s the work” (rather thank ‘how are you!’) is a traditional to greet your friend in some regions of the country. way you would greet your loved ones in the market in some regions of the country. As Yogis, we often engage in conversation similarly with, “How’s your practice?”


Have you been looking for the opportunity to create a more committed relationship to your yoga and self-care practice? Do you sense that there’s more to you than meets the eye and are you curious to explore the many layers of your self? The art and science of Yoga lays out the path for you to realize your Divine brilliance through the map of the Koshas, the five “sheaths” of the Self. Using this ancient technology, you’ll gain access to the depths of your being during this experience.


All are welcome, come with an open mind and open heart….ready to commit to your well-being renaissance in one of the most pristine areas of Italy!




Set in the countryside between Pisa and Lucca, we make our home at Villa Gourmet, an 18th century Tuscan farmhouse, restored to the comforts of modern style. Some consider this to be one of the most beautiful parts of Tuscany, yet it is tucked away from the main tourist route, so you’ll find peace and quiet in and around our Tuscan home. The villa overlooks the Apennines and Apuan alps….it’s not an Aluna Adventure without majestic mountains within view! The villa grounds boast an infinity salt-water pool, gorgeous gardens, a sun-deck, and many nooks to escape with your journal or a good book.




Any retreat experience in Italy must highlight phenomenal food. Tuscan cuisine is all about elegant simplicity. They insist on using only the highest quality foods, which means that you’ll be nourished with the freshest, highest quality food of the region. At Villa Gourmet, our meals are a family occasion. We have our own private chef, the amazingly talented Fabrizio Barghini, who will prepare the classic dishes passed down to him by his family. Every meal is crafted with the utmost precision and care, and you can taste the love in the food and the joy Fabrizio has for what he does.


Our host, Stefano Barghini, will have select regional wines for purchase and you’re welcome to enjoy a glass with your meals each night.


Benessere includes:

  • 7 nights at Villa Gourmet
  • 1 night in Pisa
  • all transportation in Italy
  • daily yoga + meditation
  • yoga workshops
  • visit to a biodynamic winery
  • day-trip to ground and relax in the hot springs of Grotto Giusti
  • Pizza-making workshop with Chef Guido
  • 2 meals a day (brunch + dinner)
  • day-trip to explore Lucca
  • Puccini opera night!

Not included:

  • R/T flight to Pisa (PSA)
  • dinner in Lucca
  • dinner in Pisa
  • optional massage/body treatments at the Grotto
  • travel insurance

**Upon receiving your deposit, we will send you an information packet that will include guidance on purchasing your flight!**

Book early for the best prices, we like Hopper, Skyscanner, and Momondo apps for flight pricing predictions.



September 15-23, 2018


Benessere Yoga Immersion Early Bird Price:

Triple Room: $2,497 (only 3 spaces open)

Double Room: $2,797

Single Room: $3,197  (only 2 rooms available)

**all prices in USD**



Deposit of $597 reserves your space (non-refundable)

Retreat limited to 11 spaces



Get to know the teachers and leaders of this retreat!

Paul Galloro

Meg Townsend