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exploring and connecting the inner and outer wild

With Mama Earth in mind and heart, our mission is to empower individuals on their explorations of the inner wilds and the outer wilderness. We weave yoga and travel experiences that guide individuals off the beaten path, educate them about local culture & customs, and respect the pillars of sustainability.


Our vision is to create a global community that sows awareness about the sanctity of the earth as mother and honors every culture and creature as teacher. In alignment with the concept of Aluna, collective consciousness, our work not only joins forces with others across borders to ignite change, but also inspires our adventurers to wake up to their wild & free souls.


We believe that yoga and travel are the most powerful tools for transformation and we embrace these to expand our minds and connect us to all that is sacred. It is our highest intention to support the evolution of our planet and serve in aligning its people back to their heart-centered nature.

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Meghan’s Aluna Adventure Dream List:

  • Panama
  • Turkey
  • Cuba
  • Madagascar

Meghan passed her childhood days in Philadelphia gazing up at the tall pines and adventuring in the bamboo forest behind her backyard. Her mom taught her the names of the flowers as she worked alongside her in the garden and her dad wowed her with his knowledge of the Native Americans. Now it’s spending time in nature, gardening and learning about indigenous cultures that make her come alive and feel like a kid again. In her quest to rewild herself, Meghan has found that live music, dancing, creating, and camping are the best medicine…and no doubt yoga and travel! She got bit by the travel bug in youth hostels and train rides through Europe while studying in Spain for a semester. However, she found her wild heart and that back-to-the-earth feeling in Latin America while living & volunteering in Mexico for a year after college. She wants to see the whole world, but can’t stop going back to Spanish-speaking lands, her ultimate passion.
Some highlights of her travel adventures include:

  • Discovering reggae in Jamaica at the age of 17 (her first time out of the country!)
  • Skydiving over the Alps in Switzerland
  • swimming in bioluminescent bays in the Caribbean
  • backpacking for 10 months through 15 countries in South/Central America
  • sleeping in a hammock on a boat for 2 weeks down the Amazon
Meghan discovered yoga in 2003 when her friend said she had to try this thing called yoga her mom was doing in California. Since then her practice has been a journey to love (inside and out) and is driven by a focused intention to help ease suffering in the world. She has developed an intimate understanding that in order to “Be the change you want to see in the world,” more often than not, you have to change within yourself. Using ancient methods of yoga infused with teachings from South American Shamanism that speaks to the necessity of awakening of the Feminine, she guides students to listen to the quiet wisdom embodied in the rhythm of their own hearts. Meghan graduated from the 200 hour teacher training at Blue Banyan Yoga Studio in Philadelphia in 2009. In 2013, she completed a second training, the Conquering Lion Yoga 300 hour program in NYC where she learned to combine elements of Tibetan Buddhism’s mindfulness and compassion with Shamanic practices that connect us to Mother Earth.



About Me

Meg Townsend loves breathing in life to its fullest potential and she experiences that through traveling the world, exploring her creative gifts as an opera singer, tending to her urban garden, going on photography adventures, and teaching yoga. The travel bug bit her when she ventured to Spain and France in high school, and after graduation, she decided to take a solo backpacking journey across the USA in search of the perfect college. She can be at home traveling by herself or with a group of like-minded, inspiring people. Her travels have taken her all over the world.
Some highlights of her travel adventures include:

  • Curling in Scotland
  • Attending the world’s largest spiritual gathering in India
  • Her first beer in Ireland (a Guinness of course!)
  • A lifelong dream of frolicking in a lavender field on San Juan Island, WA
  • Climbing to the top of a mountain in the French Pyrenees!

Meg’s yoga practice has helped her in healing and strengthening her mind and body, and aligning her with her true and wonderful nature. She feels so blessed to have found this truly deep and transformational practice and even more blessed that she spends her life sharing it with others! She discovered yoga in high school and convinced her gym teacher that her class time would be better spent doing yoga in the locker room rather than attempting to sharpen her skills at basketball. For the next ten years, she explored different styles of yoga and became more enamoured with her practice. Meg was invited to take part in her first yoga teacher training in 2008 and in 2010, met her soul’s teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker. She is committed to serving the Sri Vidya Tantra lineage through her practice and teaching. She has over 500 hrs of yoga training, is a Reiki Master, and an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist. She loves teaching yogis of all levels how they too can thrive with the teachings of yoga and Ayurveda.

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Meg’s Aluna Adventure Dream List:

    • Iceland
    • Scottish Highlands
    • Bali
    • Argentina


Contact Info

Phone: (267) 422-4035
Mail: aluna.adventures@gmail.com



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